Denzel Curry Ft. JK The Reaper – Break The Bitch (Freestyle) Mp3 Download

Denzel Curry and J.K. The Reaper deliver a high energy freestyle.

Florida’s Denzel Curry and North Carolina’s J.K. The Reaper have teamed off for a high octane freestyle,

which finds Curry delivering a hilariously enunciated chorus of “break the bitch, hater talkin’ shit I’ma break the bitch.”

The beat, which comes courtesy of Vae Cortez, is heavy on the distortion, with overdriven 808s and glitch synths leading the charge.

It’s not exactly the instrumental of the year, but it seems as if it exists exclusively for the sake of bringing out some energy and aggression.

Honestly, both J.K. The Reaper and Denzel Curry are talented lyricists, but on this one, lyrics seem to take a backseat.

Still, “Break The Bitch” is a good track to throw on during the pregame, or if you’re impatiently waiting for Denzel to come through with Taboo.

Still, it feels like a bit of a throwaway track, and one hopes that Denzel and J.K. can collide for something a little more focused the next time they get together on wax.

If you’re looking to see what J.K. is capable of, check out the track below, which finds him spitting an absolutely murderous verse.

Quotable Lyrics

Break a little bitch when I hit him in the face
I don’t really give fuck I’ma break him like a vase
If a n***a talk shit motherfucka get placed
When I put him in the ground when a n***a talk down

DOWNLOAD Denzel Curry Ft. JK The Reaper – Break The Bitch (Freestyle)